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A reputation gained over 75 years

We are a dynamic new venture of the Gainwell Group that has a rich legacy of supporting infrastructural progress in India for over seven decades. Gainwell has been helping customers build a better world, equipping them with the tools to develop infrastructure, launching new products and services and embracing new technologies to build a resilient tomorrow.

From the deepest mines to the longest highways, from the highest tunnels to the widest roadways, Gainwell Group has a strong legacy of powering India’s engine of growth. The launch of Gainwell Engineering brings to focus the enduring capabilities of India to develop as a manufacturing hub catering to the global market.

Our customers are increasingly focused on driving improvements in productivity through better utilization of equipment and more efficient use of people. We are committed to create enduring value for our customers and deliver the performance they need to maximize their productivity every day — as well as the technology they need to compete in the future.

Our strength in the aftermarket is enabled by our global dealer and services network across United States of America, Australia, China, Russia, South Africa, India and other countries around the world. Highly skilled and dedicated service personnel in the field ensure optimal machine performance while delivering inclusive, seamless and transparent customer experience.
About us

Leaders who ensure everyone gains


Sunil Chaturvedi

Chairman and Managing Director
Sunil started his career as an Associate Chartered Accountant which was followed by a long tenure of 20 years as an Indian Administrative Service officer in the Provincial & Federal government. He has also served on the board of Bharat Forge Limited prior to his current role as Chairman & Managing Director of Gainwell Commosales Private Limited.
Meena Chaturvedi

Meena Chaturvedi

Meena is a former member of Indian Civil Services. She has also worked as the CEO of a corporate entity in the social sector. Presently she is the Joint Managing Director at Gainwell Commosales Private Limited.

Gain a better tomorrow

Gainwell Engineering believes that now is the time to engineer the future. To empower ourselves so that we can evolve and enrich the world. The way forward depends on our unwavering will to excel and innovate. It is necessary to think out of the box and find the right solutions when confronted with future challenges. We have to be geared for any roadblock that arises along the way . Sustainability is also a major concern. We ensure that sustainability is the key focus in all our endeavours. A sustainable future is what we want to gain through innovation and excellence. Excellence in human resource. Excellence in technology. Excellence in business ethics. Excellence in relationships. Above all we are committed to create an eco sensitive organisation that redefines the rules of mining and helps the world gain a better tomorrow.
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